Our 10 best recommended places to visit in Edinburgh

1          Edinburgh Castle - Wherever you are in the city, this great medieval fortress perched on ancient volcanic rock is visible for miles. It’s a microcosm of local history: this was the site of Mary, Queen of Scot’s home, headquarters of Cromwell’s invading army and today it hosts the military tattoo during the Edinburgh Festival


2          Greyfriars Kirkyard – where the most famous resident of all is Greyfriar's Bobby the loyal Skye Terrier who kept a 14 year vigil on his masters grave, both dog and his master, John Gray are bured here


3          Our Dynamic Earth - Step back billions of years at this huge interactive museum, where the time machine takes you back to before dinosaurs walked the earth. You can even witness the Big Bang from the bridge of a spaceship through the Hubble telescope


4          Royal Yacht Britannia - Now nestling on the waterfront at Leith is the one-time floating palace for the Queen and the Royal Family, used for state visits and holidays between 1935 and 1978. Take a peek at the Queen’s bedroom and one of the Queen’s Rolls-Royces in the on-board garage


5          Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre -  learn all about the making of whisky, the difference between the various types such as single malt, etc, the people who made whisky the worldwide success it is today


6          National Museum of Scotland - See treasures from the edges of history and trace Scotland's story from fascinating fossils to popular culture


7          Royal Botanic Gardens - founded in 1670, is the 2nd oldest botanic garden in the UK. It's both a scientific institution and a tourist attraction


8          National Library of Scotland - is the legal deposit library for Scotland and is home to about 7 million books, 13 million printed items and over 1.6 million maps!


9          Palace of Holyroodhouse - The Queen’s official residence in Scotland was once home to Mary Queen of Scots – so there’s lots to discover


10        Museum of Childhood - learn how children were raised, dressed and educated in the first half of the last century. Enjoy a huge collection of toys, including dolls, teddy bears, train sets and tricycles from all over the world